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Aphrodite Body Candle | White

Aphrodite Body Candle | White

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Our Bois scented female body candle is inspired by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, prosperity, fertility, and victory. Symbols of Aphrodite were roses and myrtle, the scallop shell, doves and dolphins. We love how the Aphrodite bust candle looks and most of the times we are just keeping it for decor on our coffee table, next to our jewellery dish or near to our favorite book. 

Bois scent: Bois is a fresh, herbal accord of eucalyptus and spices, leading into a heart of clove, floral, magnolia and nutmeg. Woody base notes include cedar wood, musk
and mosses.

Materials: wax
Provenance: new
Sourced from: Interlude Candles
Made in: United Kingdom
Notes: Each candle is hand made, due to the natural wax nature, it may have small imperfections that should not affect the overall look or burning of the candle. If you’d like to burn your Aphrodite candle, please note that burn time is approximately 2 hours. Some of our candles have color imperfections, but that's because we like them looking like stone sculptures. All candles are scented as well and they throw a subtle scent even without being burnt.

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