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Rough NoteBook | B5 Size

Rough NoteBook | B5 Size

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It all began with antique books encountered at a flea market in Paris… During a trip to Paris, the discolored paper and unevenly worn corners and edges of the antique books he found captivated our designer. Despite their poor condition, the books spoke to our designer, emitting some sort of warmth and a dignified beauty. It was as if the books had a magical power that took our designer back to the time when such books were made, telling the story about how they lived through ages. Piled high on the ground, it was this moment that ignited our designer's inspiration. 

Dimensions: 7"W x 0.75"L x 10"H with 224 pages
Materials: paper
Provenance: new
Sourced from: Time Concept
Made in: Lovingly crafted in China
Notes: n/a

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